Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD

Are you looking for a training course focused on international and European issues? Would you like to become a specialist in European law or international management, work in the cultural sector, learn how to set up a European project?

A wide range of training courses is available to you in the Loire region, whether at the University of Nantes, Angers or Le Mans, from the bachelor’s degree to the PhD.

These training courses have in common:

  • the development of innovative teaching methods that are open to research, with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity
  • a growing international openness
  • the creation of privileged links with the actors of the civil society and the socio-economic world

All these diplomas can be taken in a classical study cycle. A certain number of courses can be followed at a distance, or on a work-study basis, via a professional contract arrangement or apprenticeship. All of these diplomas can also be accessed through continuing education.

Employment opportunities are many and varied, in France or abroad, in the private or public sector.

The choice is yours!

Thematic Hubs