The annual seminar

The center of excellence has established three axes for its bimonthly multidisciplinary seminar:

  • Europeans and peacekeeping since the end of the Cold War, practices and foundations
  • The rule of law crisis, a threat to European peace
  • Players and activists for peace



Each session will be co-animated by an academic specialist of the subject, with an expert, player or witness of the topic discussed. The periodic form of this seminar not only allows to build a long term global thinking, but also to see this work be enriched by the project evolution over time and by the course of the many players who will contribute to this collective edifice.



These sessions will be an opportunity to gather all the members of the CEJM, each of them being able to bring their expertise and their own approach to a common problematic. Access will also be open to students and civil society, through a hybrid form providing flexibility in terms of headcount.



It is essential for the Center of Excellence that the observations and in-depth studies proposed during these sessions are valued over time and to as many people as possible. The sessions will be recorded and edited as podcasts and/or videos then shared to the civil society and European players through the website and the social media.