Europe, Germany, Ukraine

Invited by L’Espace Cosmopolis, UNIPAIX participated in a discussion about the European Union’s reaction to the agression of Ukraine, in Valérie Drezet-Humez‘s company, head of the European Commisson’s representation in France, and hosted by Michel Catala on May 3, 2023.


Albrecht Sonntag, asked to address more precisely the changing attitudes in German society, “nurtured for decades on pacifism and currently facing a difficult weaning”, commented the event in his weekly editorial on Euradio. He was notably struck by the use, both by Ms. Drezet-Humez and by the audience during the lively debate that followed the speeches, of the term “enemies”, in the plural, when referring to Europe’s situation in a changing world.


You can either read or listen to his views on Euradio


Albrecht Sonntag


Albrecht Sonntag is a member of Alliance Europa. He is Professor of European Studies at the EU-Asia Institute of ESSCA Ecole de Management (Angers).

Albrecht Sonntag is at the origin of the Alliance Europa Multiblog and has led a workshop on “Blogging: Why and How?” for doctoral students.

He was also one of the organizers of the Colloquium on the impact of Brexit on the Loire region, and of the study day on the contribution of sport to the integration of migrants and refugees in Europe.