Pedagogical tool kit

In partnership with the teacher-researchers and the Pedagogical Innovation Laboratory on Europe (LIPE), the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence UniPaix will create a space for resources, tools and teaching materials specific to peace studies. Available under the form of a hybrid pedagogical tool kit, these materials are primarily intended for secondary school teachers to build an innovating and educational program around peace, especially in the teaching of the non-linguistic subject (DNL) History and geography of European sections.

This pedagogical tool kit will be answering the needs assessment realized by a working group bringing together LIPE and the Académie of Nantes. It will include capsules, graphic facilitation tools and support documents in English.
An experimental phase will be realized by the Académie of Nantes’ referent teachers who are partners in the project, before being opened to national and international establishments through the EUniwell partners.