Explaining Europe differently,

Such is the ambition of Alliance Europa, a collective regional strategy to develop a centre of excellence on the study of the societal, cultural and political challenges facing Europe in the face of globalisation processes.

Supported by the Pays de la Loire Region and led by the University of Nantes, it brings together four higher education institutions, local authorities and associations.

A new interdisciplinary research cluster with a European profile in the Pays de la Loire region

- strengthening the critical mass of researchers in the field of European studies

- supporting the emergence of interdisciplinary projects

- improving the international visibility of research in the Loire region

To enhance the education offer in European and global studies in the Loire region

and to support actions aimed at strengthening interdisciplinarity, internationalisation and professionalisation (setting up double degrees, common interdisciplinary modules, encouraging international mobility and tutored projects, continued training)

Establishing the European Idea Factory

An authentic laboratory for societal innovation at the crossroads of research, education and innovation on the major challenges facing Europe in the 21st century.

Supported by an interdisciplinary, multi-partner and multi-actor collective from the Pays de la Loire region.

Crossing the disciplines of humanities and social sciences : law, languages, sociology, political science, history, economics, management, literature, educational science, etc.

Bringing together associations, higher education institutions, local and regional authorities, educational, cultural and business organisations, etc.

At the service of students, teachers, researchers, professionals, business leaders, journalists, voluntary workers, union activists, artists, etc.

And based on three main sites: Angers, Le Mans and Nantes.

Academic Members

Nantes University

Nantes University

Nantes University offers courses from bachelor’s to master’s degrees and excellence research projects concerning Europe in a wide range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

It is home to the Institute for European and Global Studies, which implements the Alliance Europa programme.


University of Angers

University of Angers

The University of Angers offers master courses in law, economics and management and contributes to the research areas of the Institute for European and Global Studies.


Le Mans Université

Le Mans Université

The University of Le Mans contributes to the research lines of the Institute for European and Global studies and to the education offer on European culture(s).




Angers School of Management

ESSCA equips students and managers for a successful and sustainable career while taking fully into account the human and social dimensions of a globalized world.



Associative members



Let's liven up Europe! Euradio is the first independent European general-interest radio station in France. On its airwaves, Euradio offers news unlike any other: it is both local and European, bringing regional news into dialogue with that of our European neighbours.

Its mission is to discuss what is happening in Europe today, what is taking shape for tomorrow, giving pride of place to local initiatives in the Loire region and elsewhere. Euradio is an associative, citizen and independent radio station that has been broadcasting in the Nantes region on FM since 2007, on DAB+ in Lille, Lyon and Strasbourg since 2018, in Rouen, Le Havre, Saint-Nazaire and La Roche-sur-Yon since 2019, soon in Brussels, Paris, Marseilles, Nice, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Tours, Orléans, and all over Europe and the world on www.euradio.fr.

Euradio is a partner of Alliance Europa and ensures the dissemination of the content produced by the conferences, seminars and student projects. Euradio’s programmes include :

– Yves Pascouau’s editorial (Yves Pascouau is a researcher at the University of Nantes, holder of the Schengen Chair and a member of the Alliance Europa Institute of European and Global Studies).

– Albrecht Sonntag’s editorial (Albrecht Sonntag is a professor at the EU-Asia Institute.  A doctor in sociology, he works on the multiple dimensions of the European integration process. He is also a member of Alliance Europa).

– “En quête d’Europe” (looking for Europe), a radio broadcast by the students of the European Political Science Master 2 at the University of Nantes.

– Interviews conducted as part of the European Philosophy Chair at the University of Nantes and the Alliance Europa conferences.


Maison de l’Europe Angers – Maine et Loire

Maison de l’Europe Angers – Maine et Loire

The Maison de l'Europe Angers & Maine-et-Loire is an association under the law of 1901.

A place for exchange and debate, the Maison de l’Europe 49 initiates and coordinates actions in favour of Europe in the department of Maine-et-Loire. It is indeed through the information of the general public and the organization of cultural events that the European identity can come to life. The Maison de l’Europe Angers & Maine-et-Loire is a place for the expression of European citizenship in Maine-et-Loire. It participates in the activities of the European Idea Factory.


Maison de l’Europe Le Mans-Sarthe

Maison de l’Europe Le Mans-Sarthe

The Maison de l'Europe Le Mans - Sarthe and Europe Direct Information Centre is an association under the law of 1901.

Its objective is to sensitize and inform the people of Sarthe to European citizenship and thus to contribute to the construction of the Europe of citizens.

The Maison de l’Europe is a friendly place to discover, exchange, meet and live Europe!  It participates in the activities of the European Idea Factory.


Maison de l’Europe en Mayenne

Maison de l’Europe en Mayenne

The Maison de l’Europe en Mayenne (MEM 53) is an association under the law of 1901, created in 1994. Its mission is to make the general public aware of the European project and to continuously educate it in order to develop European citizenship through information and training.

Approved and subsidized by the European Commission, the association is a platform for contacts, information and guidance between the people of Mayenne and European actors (institutional and associative) at local, regional, national and European level. It is also a convivial place for meetings with a European dimension.

Having become a key player, the Maison de l’Europe, in its specificity and original vocation, wants to participate fully and effectively in the European opening in Mayenne.

It takes part in the activities of the European Idea Factory.



Maison de l’Europe à Nantes

Maison de l’Europe à Nantes

The Maison de l'Europe in Nantes is an association which federates and wishes to promote the initiatives of all the European players in Nantes and Loire-Atlantique.

The Maison de l’Europe is a 1901 law association which was created in 2005 on the initiative of institutional partners, the University and local associations involved in the promotion of European citizenship.

It offers information, advice, training and resources to raise awareness of the major challenges facing Europe today. It participates in the activities of the European Idea Factory.

Established in 2019 at Europa Nantes in the Creative Quarter on the Île de Nantes, it is dedicated to responding to all requests; it supports both individual initiatives (mobility, travel, etc.) and collective projects carried out by all types of actors (content, methodology, partnerships, etc.).



European Cultural Centre

European Cultural Centre

The Centre Culturel Européen is an association under the law of 1901.

The fruit of Jean-Paul Barbe’s European vision, the Centre Culturel Européen (CCE) was founded in 2000. Its mission is to disseminate European cultures in Nantes, in the Loire-Atlantique department and in the Pays de la Loire region. It federates the four binational centres: the Franco-German Cultural Centre, the Franco-Italian Cultural Centre, the Franco-Spanish Cultural Centre and the Franco-British Cultural Centre. It participates in the activities of the European Ideas Factory.


Institutional Partners

Région Pays de la Loire

Région Pays de la Loire

The Pays de la Loire Region is a local authority created in 1982.

The Pays de la Loire Region supports the Alliance Europa programme as part of its encouragement to Research, Education and Innovation in Pays de la Loire.

The regional territory in a few words: the Pays de la Loire Region is a young and dynamic territory with a population of 3.8 million inhabitants and which attracts more than 25,000 people every year. The region is made up of 5 departments (Loire-Atlantique, Maine-et-Loire, Mayenne, Sarthe and Vendée).


Nantes Métropole

Nantes Métropole

Nantes Métropole financially supports the Alliance Europa programme in its research, education and innovation components within the framework of the “Campus Nantes” – Metropolitan Higher Education and Research Development Plan.

The Nantes agglomeration also supports an associative network involved in European issues and is actively engaged in European networks. It thus contributes to the dynamism of the European Idea Factory.


Research Education Innovation in the Pays de la Loire region

Research Education Innovation in the Pays de la Loire region

To prepare for the future and increase the performance and attractiveness of its economic fabric, the Pays de la Loire Region, as part of its higher education, research and innovation plan for 2014-2020, is supporting the key strengths of its territory as part of focus on Research-Education-Innovation.

A dozen issues and sectors* are concerned by this approach, which aims to build on the strengths of the Loire players in terms of academic research, education and innovation, in order to reinforce their competitiveness and their recognition at national, European and international level.

The aim is clearly to decompartmentalize the worlds of Research, Education and Innovation so as to make them work together. Thus, the players involved in the same issue define the project’s ambition and build a collective development strategy, materialized by a 5-7 year action plan. A framework agreement, which defines the actions and means to be implemented collectively, is signed by all the partners, research laboratories, universities, grandes écoles, companies or competitive clusters, local authorities, etc., in order to formalize their commitment to support the project.

* Végétal spécialisé, Le Mans Acoustique, Lumomat (Molecular materials for organic electronics and photonics), Angers TourismLab, Electronique professionelle, Vacarme (personalized medicine), Alliance Europa, West Atlantic Marine Energy Centre (EMR), Food For Tomorrow/Cap Aliment, Numérique, ICC (Cultural and Creative Industries), Bioregate (regenerative medicine).

A team to serve your projects

Michel Catala



Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Nantes - Director of the Institute for European and Global Studies.

The director of the Institute for European and Global Studies since its creation in 2015, Michel Catala launched the RFI Alliance Europa programme in 2013, with Arnauld Leclerc. A university professor since 2004, he directed the CRHIA, a history laboratory bringing together 50 teacher-researchers and 89 doctoral students in Nantes and La Rochelle. He has a long practice of directing research structures and collective research programmes on the history of Europe on a regional (DCIE) and national (Labex EHNE) scale. A specialist in the history of international relations in Europe and the history of European construction, he has been teaching these subjects for 15 years. He is the author of numerous publications on these issues, and has also launched many international partnerships. He is the founding president of the Maison de l’Europe in Nantes, and is particularly familiar with civil society and local authority actors working on European issues in Nantes and the Loire region.

More information

Aziliz Leduc

Aziliz Leduc

Project Manager Jean Monnet Center of Excellence UniPaix


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phone number: 02 53 00 93 28
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