The theme of the 2020/2021 annual seminar of the Alliance Europa Institute for European and Global Studies oragnized by Lorraine Stravens was : The “regulatory governance” in the European policies : a Europe of experts and standards ?


Following the previous editions marked by particularly rich exchanges between PhD students and confirmed researchers, the Alliance Europa PhD students seminar of the 2020/2021 academic year brought together researchers and practitioners. They exchanged on the European “regulatory governance” and the experts’ role in European Union policies. How are experts mobilized in the conception and implementation of the European political and strategical decisions ?


This round-table brought together :

  • Manon Damestoy, PhD student at Nantes University, DCS) who works on the European free-trade agreements from a political science perspective
  • Stanislas Jeannesson (professor of contemporary history of the international relations at Nantes University, CRHIA) who provided a historical contextualization of the experts inclusion in the international relations
  • Manon Ombredane (lawyer at Brussels Bar), specialist of the European consumer law


This discussion aims to provide a better knowledge of the issues linked to the conception and implementation of standrads in the economic relations of the European Union, and therefore to distinguish the myths form the reality.




PhD student in History of International Relations, CRHIA - University of Nantes // Project manager for the summerschool "Local and regional stakeholders and European integration" (2022)

At the CRHIA of the University of Nantes, Lorraine Stravens has been preparing a thesis since September 2017 on “The emergence of local and regional governments in national and European development aid policies since 1980”, under the supervision of Professor Michel Catala, with the support of Alliance Europa (as part of the CITER project) and LabEx EHNE.

For Alliance Europa, Lorraine Stravens participated in the development of the LIPE project and the setting up of doctoral seminars.

From February to July 2022, Lorraine Stravens was project officer for the Institute for European and Global Studies Alliance Europa. She was involved in the preparation, organisation and evaluation of the summerschool “Local and regional stakeholders and European integration”.


The academic speakers

Manon Damestoy

PhD student in political science at the University of Nantes and the University of Saint-Louis de Bruxelles

At the Law and Social Change laboratory of the Doctoral School of Law and Political Science, Manon Damestoy is preparing a thesis on “European democracy in question: the case of free trade agreements” under the supervision of Arnauld Leclerc (DCS, University of Nantes) and Florence Delmotte (Institute of European Studies, University of Saint-Louis-Brussels). Manon also participates in the management of Arnauld Leclerc’s TEN Chair and in the digitization of Jean-Marc Ferry’s work.

Stanislas Jeannesson


Professor of contemporary history at the University of Nantes and member of the CRHIA

Stanislas Jeannesson is a specialist in the history of international relations in the 20th century and the evolution of diplomatic practices. He is Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Nantes and a member of the CRHIA. His research focuses in particular on the place of Europe in the international system, from the European Concert to the European Union, and on the existence of a European diplomatic culture. He has published several books and articles on the emergence and affirmation of the European idea, particularly in the inter-war period, and on the dynamics and resistances that affect the project of a united Europe. He has been teaching the history of the European idea and construction for 15 years, at all bachelor’s and master’s levels, first at the University of Paris IV-Sorbonne and then at the University of Nantes. Stanislas Jeannesson is also editor-in-chief of the journal Monde(s), which seeks to rethink the history of continental areas in the context of the permanent connections that they constantly maintain.

Stanislas Jeannesson is the coordinator of Alliance Europa’s Research Axis 3 “Europe in the World”.