Charlotte Barcat intervened on France Culture June 1, 2021 to talk about the Peace Bridge in Derry, in Northern Ireland. 

Charlotte Barcat, lecturer in British civilization at Nantes University and researcher at the CRINI, conducts some research on the role of Europe in the peace process in Northern Ireland with the support of the Alliance Europa Institute for European and Global Studies (attractivity program). She intervened on June 1, 2021 on France Culture to evoke the Peace Bridge in Derry in Northern Ireland in the 2nd episode of the Divided cities series, dedicated to Belfast, for the World cultures program.


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Charlotte Barcat



Lecturer in British civilisation, member of CRINI, at the University of Nantes.

Research themes :

Northern Ireland, Bloody Sunday, public enquiries, management of a conflicted past, collective memory, official memory of the British state.

Charlotte Barcat is developing the research project “The role of Europe in the Northern Ireland peace process: legal and economic policies, changes in identity” with the support of Alliance Europa.

Charlotte Barcat is also Treasurer of the Société Française d’Etudes Irlandaises.

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CRINI (Centre for Research on National Identities and Interculturality – EA 1162 (UN))

CRINI (Centre for Research on National Identities and Interculturality – EA 1162 (UN))

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Nantes University

Nantes University

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