Call for Papers: “Europe in Cha(lle)nging Times”

The UACES Graduate Forum committee is please to invite submissions for the 2021 UACES Graduate Forum Research Conference. Paper and panel proposals are welcomed from PhD and Early-Career researchers worldwide, working in all areas of contemporary European Studies. This year’s conference will be held virtually from 17-18 June 2021. To present at the conference please submit your paper by 16 April 2021.

Please find the call for papers below. You do not have to be a member of UACES to attend.

2021 marks new beginnings as Europe and the world are getting to grips with the consequences of 2020, a year like no other. The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted our everyday lives, shifted policy priorities, weakened economies for years to come, limited our freedoms and challenged democratic institutions. Uncertainty and misinformation overload are fuelling popuklist attitudes in both Europe and the USA. Dramatic events such as the Capitol insurrection or the recent anti-curfew riots in The Netherlands have shown how easily these attitudes can manifest as physical violence. At the same time, the pandemic has reinforced solidarity and humanity across the world. As the EU is attempting to overcome the pandemic in a joint effort, the UK is going its own way after becoming the first country to leave the Union. Travel restrictions, the halt of tourism and a drop in global manufacturing output have highlighted the impact of our pre-Covid lifestyle on the environment and brought about discussions on how best to balance economic and environmental concerns.

The unprecedented changes and challenges Europe and the world face provide a unique opportunity to reflect on how to move forward into a new post-pandemic normality. To look upon uncertain times from an academic perspective we invite postgraduate and early-career researchers from across the field of European studies to submit paper and panel proposals addressing the theme of ‘Europe in Cha(lle)nging Times’.

To foster cross-disciplinary conversation, we welcome proposals from all European Studies disciplines and related fields. Including (but not limited to) Political Science, Law, Sociology, Economics, History, Gender Studies, Anthropology, International Relations and Public Policy. We hope that this conference will address the topic in a variety of ways and from a range of perspective.

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