The Governance of sustainability in Europe (GSE)

This project, supported by the Alliance Europa Institute for European and Global Studies as part of its “International Networks” call for proposals and applications, aims to develop an international network of researchers on the theme of the governance of sustainability in Europe. It is supported from 2018 to 2021.

This network analyses the changing nature of the governance of sustainability and its impacts on the process of European integration. Three working groups will address emerging sustainable development issues:

1) the evolution of a European environmental consciousness

2) the interdependence of energy and environmental policies

3) the European Union as the main actor in the field of sustainable development policies.

The key question is whether such policies are likely to encourage European integration by allowing to the governance of sustainability to develop new forms.

This is a collaborative research with a network of 60 researchers.

The existing research group is mainly based in Western Europe and consists mainly of academics. Its ambition is to integrate a wider community of researchers and professionals of the governance of sustainability in Europe. Representatives from the three sectors are also invited, including private sector business leaders, public sector institutions at national and European level, but also from emerging countries and the voluntary sector.

The network aims to influence the European stance on sustainable development at all levels of governance and the debate at a global level.

Project leader

Thomas Hoerber



Director of ESSCA's EU-Asia Institute - Professor of European Studies at ESSCA - Coordinator of Alliance Europa's Axis 1 "Governing Europe in a globalised world".

Research topics: European history and policy; space, energy and environmental policies of the EU and its partners; European Studies; International Relations

Thomas Hoerber coordinates the international network “The Governance of Sustainability in Europe”.

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Project partners

Co-leaders of the network :

- Gabriel Weber, Professor in European Studies, ESSCA Bordeaux (France)

- Kristina Kurze, Senior Lecturer in Political Science, University of Göttingen (Germany)

- Helene Dyrhauge, Professor of European Studies, Roskilde University (Denmark)