The European Union’s internal and external relations and its integration processes

Antonella Forganni, Associate Professor and researcher at ESSCA in European Union Law, received support from the Alliance Europa Institute for European and Global Studies between 2016 and 2019 to develop her project.


– The EU’s foreign relations, especially with China

– The European integration process, particularly in the fields of human rights, trade policy and air and space policy.

Project leader

Antonella Forganni



Associate Professor and Researcher in European Union Law at ESSCA, EU-Asia Institute

Research themes :

– The EU’s foreign relations, especially with China

– The European integration process: Human rights / Trade policy / Air and space policy

Responsibilities :

– Head of the “Business Management and Environment” department

Antonella Forganni is developing the research project “The European Union’s internal and external relations and its integration processes” with the support of Alliance Europa.

EU-Asia Institute (ESSCA)

EU-Asia Institute (ESSCA)

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Participation in international conferences :

  • UACES 46th Annual Conference, London (UK), 5-7 September 2016.
    o Legal Issues of Space Tourism and European Air & Space Policy;
    o Trade Defence Instruments: the Attitude of the EU's Member States towards China (co-author: Matura T.).
  • 24th International Conference of Europeanists, Glasgow (Scotland), 12-14.
    o The Withdrawal from International Organisations and the Reversibility of the European Integration;
    o The Potential of Space Tourism for Space Popularisation: An Opportunity for the EU Space Policy?.
  • UACES 47th Annual Conference, Krakow (Poland), 4-6 September 2017. Over 300 research papers were presented at the conference. I presented the following works:
    o The Standstill of the European Integration Process and Reversibility Issues;
    o The Questioning of the Non-appropriation Principle in Outer Space and the EU’.
  • Communication au workshop “The Implications of Brexit for the Future of Devolution in the North East and for the Northern Powerhouse”, Newcastle Business School - Northumbria University, Newcastle (UK), 6 Juillet 2017.
  • UACES 48th Annual Conference, Bath (UK), 1-5 September 2018. Presentation of the paper "Space Colonization: Jurisdiction and Other Legal Issues"
  • Conference “The Drone Age: Issues, Actors and Perspectives”, Brussels on the 21-22, February 2019, at the Institute for European Studies - Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
  • UACES 49th Annual Conference, Lisbon (Portugal), 1-4 September 2019. Presentation of the paper: "International legal framework, diplomacy and ISS security issues."

Other works :

SHEN W., FORGANNI A. (2016), The Role of Market Economy Status in EU-China Relations, in EU-CHINA Relations: New Directions, New Priorities, Discussion Paper, Friends of Europe, p. 103,


• ‘Italy before the election: sliding slowly, eyes wide open, into durable decline?, Alliance Europa blog, 1 March 2018, ; French version in the ESSCA EU-Asia Institute blog Mail d’Europe # 55 : Destination déclin ? L’Italie avant les élections ; German version (copyrights).

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