Management and Assessment of Transition(s) Innovations Network (MATIN)

This network project is coordinated by Mathias Guerineau, Lecturer in Management at the University of Nantes – LEMNA. It is supported by the Alliance Europa Institute for European and Global Studies in the framework of its “International Networks” call for proposals and applications for a period of 18 months (July 2021 – December 2022), in order to develop an international network of researchers around the project.


Project summary

Collective responses to grand challenges such as climate change, inequality explosion, or biodiversity loss, imply not only to deeply transform socio-technical regimes that shape our economies and ways of life, but also to take into account various stakeholders in the constitution of a collective vision for a desirable future. Innovation is crucial in this process of co-constructing alternative pathways to social and ecological transition. The future research network MATIN aims to gather together multiple disciplines and research institutions which investigate management and governance of innovation for transition models. By focusing on assessment and coordination of the scale up of sustainable innovations, the MATIN network seeks to contribute to the analysis of transition acceleration mechanisms, one of the current priorities for national and European public policies. Gathering French and European researchers, the network will aim first to act as a multi-stakeholder arena for state-of-the art research on innovation for transition, and second to crystallize dispersed research efforts in order to produce action-oriented knowledge for sustainability transitions.

Project leader


Lecturer in Management, in charge of the Master 2 MAE Management Dual Competence within the IAE Nantes - Economics and Management and the LEMNA research unit of the University of Nantes.

Since 2021, Mathias Guérineau has been coordinating the MATIN network project in the framework of the “International Networks” call for proposals of the Alliance Europa Institute for European and Global Studies.

LEMNA – EA 4272 (UN)

The Nantes Atlantic Economics and Management Laboratory brings together all the researchers in economics and management from the University of Nantes, the ITM Atlantique (formerly Mines Nantes) and the École Nationale Vétérinaire, Agroalimentaire et de l’Alimentation Nantes-Atlantique (ONIRIS).


The TransitionS seminar series began in December 2021. It aims at bringring together researchers working on transition, innovation and governance issues from various fields: management, geography, economics, political science, sociology, among others.

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