Ecological and Energy Transition(s) in Europe: A Comparative Perspective

Aurélien Evrard from the Law and Social Change laboratory, is developing this project from 2018 to 2021 with the support of the Alliance Europa Institute for European and Global Studies.

The aim is to analyse the current reshaping of environmental and energy policies in Europe, based on a comparative approach, on the one hand, and in a “multi-level” perspective, on the other hand.

This research focuses on two aspects:

  1. Is there a “European” model for environmental policy and energy transition?
  2. Comparing energy and environmental policies, in a “multi-level” approach

In 2019, the research topic was reoriented towards energy transition in cities, through a comparative approach.

Project leader



Lecturer in political science, member of the Law and Social Change Laboratory at the University of Nantes.

Research themes :

– Comparative public policies (instruments of public action, political competition and public action)

– European governance and policies

– Environmental policies and sociology of the environment (environmental parties and movements)

– Energy policies and sociology of energy (renewable energies, nuclear energy, energy efficiency)

Collective responsibilities :

– Co-director of the “Parcours Europe” Licences

– Full member of the “Political Science” section (04) of the CNU

– Member of the Editorial Board of the Revue internationale de politique comparée

Aurélien Evrard is developing the research project “Ecological and Energy Transition(s) in Europe: A Comparative Perspective”.

The project is supported by Alliance Europa.

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Droit et changement social, UMR 6297 CNRS (University of Nantes)

Droit et changement social, UMR 6297 CNRS (University of Nantes)

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