Unleash your talents

This pedagogical innovation project is coordinated by Ronan CHARDONNEAU, associate lecturer and co-director of the Master’s degree MIM of IAE Angers. The project is supported by the Alliance Europa Institute for European and Global Studies for a period of one year from September 1, 2021, in order to promote student success and their professional integration.

“Unleash your talents” consists in offering the opportunity to the international of the IAE to design the alumni network they wish. This project will act as a showcase for the international training of IAE Angers.

The project aims at tackling the following issue : “How to reassure/orient students of international training on their future?
Indeed, students have talent (versatility, dynamism, significant experience abroad, mastery of three foreign languages, they evolve in multicultural environments), they are rare profiles on the labor market, but they do not yet realize the extent of their potential because the training is primarily generalist. In the end, they still don’t have a clear idea even at the end of their master’s degree of what job they want/can do later.

On the other hand, among the alumni of these international courses of IAE Angers, are alumni working for the largest organisations in the world: Google, Amazon, Yandex, HBO, Decathlon, Cagemini, Huawei, Accenture, Toyota … This project is therefore to professionalise the IAE courses by inviting alumni to come and share their experience, while allowing students to be active in the realisation of this project.

Project leader


Co-Head of the Master 2 International Management and Marketing

– Associate lecturer in digital marketing

– Co-Head of the Master 2 International Management and Marketing

– Audience analysis trainer (Piwik, Google Analytics, TMS)


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