Research Network on Economic Experiments for the Common Agricultural Policy (REECAP)

This project is supported by the Alliance Europa Institute for European and Global Studies for a period of two years (2020-2022), in order to develop an international network of researchers around the project

REECAP is a EU-wide consortium created in 2017. REECAP is open to those who wish to promote behavioural analysis and economic experimental designs for the ex-ante and ex-post evaluation of European agricultural policies.

Our Mission: To bring together researchers, evaluators and policy makers interested in the use of economic experimental approaches for more evidence-based policy design and evaluation.

Doing so, REECAP wishes to contribute to the improvement of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is a backbone programme of the European construction. With an annual budget of 60 billion euros, representing more than a third of the European Union (EU) expenditures, the CAP deeply affects the European agricultural sector of the countries involved.

The network is composed of 55 members: 46 researchers, 9 members of institutions in charge of CAP design or evaluation either at the regional, national or European level.

The 46 researchers come from the field of economics, sociology, agricultural or environmental sciences. 19 countries are represented, including 3 non EU-countries (Australia, Japan and United-States).

Among the 9 partners presented as policy makers, designer or evaluators, 5 belong to regional administration in charge of the design and evaluation of agricultural policies in France and Spain, 1 belong to a national institution (French ministry of agriculture), 2 to the European Commission (Joint Research Center) and 1 is working as policy evaluator in a private consultancy.

You can visit REECAP website for further informations regarding this network.

Project leader



Marianne Lefebvre is a Senior Lecturer in Economics at the GRANEM (Anjou Research Group in Economics and Management) at the University of Angers.

Her research focuses on :

– Environmental economics

– Agricultural economics

– Experimental economics

– Evaluation of Public Policies



GRANEM is a multidisciplinary research team (economics and management) of the University of Angers, attached to the CNRS Federation n°3435 TEPP (Travail, Emploi et Politiques Publiques). This hosting team n° 7456 gathers 51 teacher-researchers, 48 PhD students, 1 post-doc and 3 BIATSS.

University of Angers

University of Angers

The University of Angers offers master courses in law, economics and management and contributes to the research areas of the Institute for European and Global Studies.