Article scientifique – EU and China Trade Relations: Circumvention of Trade Defence Measures and business ethics

Antonella Forganni publie avec Heidi Reed un article dans le Journal of Business Ethics (2019).

With the rise of globalization, the debate around free trade versus fair trade and liberalism versus protectionism has become increasingly complicated. At times, the regulations of the World Trade Organization seem to pit developed markets against emerging markets as governments attempt to expand international trade while at the same time protecting local industry. To this end, antidumping measures have been extensively developed as a way to block foreign low-cost goods (often produced in emerging countries) from entering domestic markets. In response, some exporters have begun to circumvent these antidumping measures using strategies such as transhipment, assembly operations, and slightly modified products. While previous studies have addressed the ethical aspects of antidumping measures, this study will focus on the ethics of circumvention strategies with a special focus on the theories on legal compliance and, specifically, civil disobedience and conscientious evasion.


Référence : Forganni, A., Reed, H. Circumvention of Trade Defence Measures and Business Ethics. J Bus Ethics 155, 29–40 (2019).


Antonella Forganni

Antonella Forganni

Professeure associée et chercheuse en Droit de l’Union Européenne à l'ESSCA, EU-Asia Institute

Thématiques de recherche :
Relations extérieures de l’UE avec un accent particulier sur la Chine
Le processus d’intégration européenne : Droits de l’Homme / Politique commerciale / Politique aérienne et spatiale

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  • Responsable du département Management et Environnement de l’Entreprise

Antonella Forganni développe le projet de recherche « Etude des relations internes et externes de l’Union Européenne et des processus d’intégration » avec le soutien d’Alliance Europa.

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EU-Asia Institute (ESSCA)

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