EU as a global actor in sustainability policy – Online-workshop –

Thomas Hoerber (EU*Asia Institute, ESSCA) and Kristina Kurze (Andrássy University Budapest) organise an online research workshop on the 27th and 28th of May 2020.

Following the research developed in the frame of the « Governance of sustainability in Europe » network, this workshop will address several topics such as EU internal and external policies and its sustainable dimensions, the EU’s role in environmental negotiations, as well as possible contradictions between trade and sustainability policies.

Discover the full programme below !

Researchers and students from Alliance Europa’s network are welcome to join.

For further information, contact :


Thomas Hoerber, EU*Asia Institute, ESSCA School of Management of Angers

Kristina Kurze, Andrássy University Budapest

Helene Dyrhauge, Roskilde University of Denmark

Gabriel Weber, EU*Asia Institute, ESSCA School of Management of Bordeaux