Enabling tourism to integrate African Mediterranean and European economies to cope with climate change – Call for conference proposals

The second international conference of the AMENET Jean Monnet network will focus on African societies and will be held online on the 22nd and 23rd of October 2020.

This conference aims at providing sound insights on the potential of sustainable tourism to promote human sustainable development in African, Mediterranean and European countries by contributing to economic integration at a local and regional level, and leading local economies to build resilience against climate change impacts.

As a result, this conference kindly calls for contributions oriented to provide insights on the following indicative themes:

  1. Tourism and socioeconomic development: mainstream and critical views.
  2. Tourism as a driver for inter e intra-regional socioeconomic integration.
  3. Tourism as a potential vector for gaining socio-ecological resilience against climate change.
  4. Potential benefits from upgrading the role of tourism in the European neighbourhood framework.
  5. Tourism as promoter for bottom-up policy making and governance at local and regional level.
  6. Resetting the relationships between tourism, protected areas and surrounding rural communities in Africa.
  7. Tourism, education and entrepreneurship: towards enhancing triangulation.
  8. Entrepreneurship, Small and medium companies, innovation, and local development.
  9. Infrastructures and environment.
  10. Other issues in tourism and socioeconomic development.

Deadline for submitting conference proposals: 31 August,2020


Further information on this conference, the call and research network, here >>