Appels à projets européens sur la culture

Des appels à projets européens abordent la question de la culture en Europe.

Les appels présentés ici sont pour 2019. Si vous êtes intéressés par les appels H2020 pour l’année 2020, contactez-nous ou CAP Europe au plus tôt pour avoir plus d’informations.

  • « Digitisation, Digital Single Market and European culture: new challenges for creativity, intellectual property rights and copyright » – DT-GOVERNANCE-13-2019 – Echéance : 14 Mars 2019.

Specific Challenge: The consequences of digitisation and of the implementation of the Digital Single Market on cultural diversity, on access to culture and on the creation of cultural value need to be better monitored and understood, also through joint efforts by researchers, practitioners and policy-makers. Beyond the issue of portability of cultural content, coping strategies related to legislation on intellectual property rights (IPR) and copyright at European and national levels are at the heart of current creative practices and business opportunities in the cultural and creative sectors and, as such, deserve in-depth scrutiny. Innovative solutions for measuring the impact of digitisation and of the digital market on culture are also needed. In addition, an important knowledge gap exists when it comes to the adaptive or alternative strategies of different cultural institutions and of various creative and artistic communities.

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  •  « The societal value of culture and the impact of cultural policies in Europe » – TRANSFORMATIONS-08-2019 – Echéance : 14 Mars 2019.

Specific Challenge: Culture has been an important element of public policy for social, cultural and political cohesion and inclusion throughout European history, and its potential could be significantly enhanced. Although it is often seen today from the angle of economic value added, culture generates additional societal value in terms of well-being and by promoting identity and belonging, inclusiveness, tolerance and cohesion. Culture is also a source of creativity and innovation. The challenge is to develop new perspectives and improved methodologies for capturing the wider societal value of culture, including but also beyond its economic impact. Improved cultural value measurements and case studies also need to be developed in support of effective and inclusive policies and institutional frameworks that offer a convincing vision for citizens to cope with current cultural and societal transformations. In order to contextualise the debate on the societal value of culture, part of the challenge is to comparatively study the visions that underlie cultural policies as held by policy-makers and as embedded in institutions responsible for designing and implementing these policies at European, national and local levels.

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  • « Collaborative approaches to cultural heritage for social cohesion » – DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-11-2019 – Echéance : 14 Mars 2019

Specific Challenge: While a key mission of the cultural heritage sector is to provide inclusive access, some socio-cultural groups are still not sufficiently integrated in cultural heritage experiences. The challenge is to improve the design of cultural experiences by enhancing participatory and collaborative approaches and by fostering mutual cultural understanding and resilient strategies.

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