Appels à projets européens sur la migration

Plusieurs projets de recherche sur la migration ont été financés par la Commission Européenne lors des précédents programmes de recherche.
Sont recensés ici des appels à projets Horizon 2020 en lien avec la thématique de la migration.

Les projets de recherche précédemment financés sur la thématique de la migration sont présentés ici.

Si vous êtes intéressés par les appels H2020 pour l’année 2020, contactez-nous ou CAP Europe au plus tôt pour avoir plus d’informations.


  • « Inclusive and innovative practices for the integration of recently arrived migrants in local communities » -MIGRATION-04-2020
    Specific challenge: The arrival of migrants contributes to diversifying the demographic, cultural, linguistic, ethnic and religious makeup of already diverse European cities and suburbs and rural communities. This may represent an opportunity, but also a significant challenge if taking place in an unorderly manner, as occurred in Europe since 2014. The challenge is to provide policy makers at local, regional, national and supra-national level, civil society organizations and other relevant actors with effective, responsive, flexible, context – specific and culture – specific proposals for measures to promote socio – economic integration and inclusion as well as access to rights and services. This includes sustainable and participatory strategies, also with the involvement of citizens, civil society actors, education institutions and the private sector.

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  • « Mapping and overcoming integration challenges for migrant children » – MIGRATION-05-2018-2020

Specific Challenge: At a time where the integration of refugee and migrant children into host societies is most pressing, education systems face multiple challenges due to growing cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity and to socio-economic inequalities.

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  •  « Narratives on migration and its impact: past and present » – MIGRATION-09-2020
Specific Challenge: The way we collectively discuss about migration has an impact on the production of policies and responses to address this phenomenon. Narratives on migration-be it in the media, public or political discourses-affect political processes across Europe, influence our perceptions on migration dynamics and ultimately have an effect on the integration of migrants in our societies. The challenge is to understand and explain the causes and consequences of such narratives, examining their construction and assessing their effects on attitudes to migration and on society at large. By identifying the responsibility of each stakeholder – policy – makers, civil society organisations, citizens and migrants – in shaping these narratives, and by shedding light on the consequences of discourses on migration, the role and responsibility of each stakeholder will be better defined and their competences enhanced.
  • « Sustainable practices for the integration of newly arrived migrants into societies » – MIGRATION-10-2020
Specific Challenge: The unorderly arrival of large numbers of migrants across Europe since 2014 has determined an exceptional mobilisation of resources (often fragmented in multiple small scale and time-limited projects) used to ensure a successful integration of migrants in European societies. Funding has been mobilised at the EU, national, regional and local levels, determining a great number of actions both in policy and in research. After such an emergency response, it is now time to take stock of the work carried out, understanding theimpact of the resources used and considering the lessons learnt.