Call for papers | International conference « Crises, challenges, innovations »

Deadline: January 15, 2022
Date of the event: 22-24 June 2022

The dual health and climate crises confronting humanity and the planet today are unprecedented. These crises are impacting human activity in all its diversity extending across cultural, societal, political, legal, business, economic and educational spheres. In addition to these global phenomena, we have also witnessed national, social (“Black Lives Matter” in the United States, the Afghan crisis…) and political crises (Brexit in the United Kingdom, American insurrection on Capitol Hill in January 2021…). This period evokes representations of real and fictional historical crises. The specter of natural disaster – pandemic, flood, fire, hurricane – and the effects on populations seem to come to life in the media and in the contemporary collective imagination.

This international conference proposes to bring together researchers and professionals from various fields to examine different aspects of the current period, but also of other periods of crisis. We will set out to examine the challenges that arose during these critical times and those that we still face today. Finally, we will also study the opportunities presented by these crises and, in particular, the economic, business, cultural and legal innovations that have emerged and continue to emerge. In the spirit of Applied Foreign Languages and International Business (LEA), a department strongly invested in research in the humanities and social sciences at the University of Nantes, and of the Centre for Research on Identities, Nations and Interculturality (CRINI), this conference is intended to be resolutely interdisciplinary and international. The notions of crisis, challenge and innovation will be examined in three workshops corresponding to the research topics of CRINI’s Theme 2: 1) Language for specific purposes and specialised translation – LSP Didactics; 2) Identities and processes of patrimonialisation; 3) New challenges in international business: trade & supply chain perspectives. The scope of the crises and the multiplicity of their consequences on human activity require an interdisciplinary approach to analyse and understand these complex events.
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Lecturer in British civilisation, member of CRINI, at the University of Nantes.

Research themes :

Northern Ireland, Bloody Sunday, public enquiries, management of a conflicted past, collective memory, official memory of the British state.

Charlotte Barcat is developing the research project “The role of Europe in the Northern Ireland peace process: legal and economic policies, changes in identity” with the support of Alliance Europa.

Charlotte Barcat is also Treasurer of the Société Française d’Etudes Irlandaises.

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CRINI (Centre for Research on National Identities and Interculturality – EA 1162 (UN))

The Centre for Research on National Identities and Interculturality brings together the research in civilization, linguistics and literature, carried out in several cultural areas, by the teacher-researchers of the different departments of the UFR. The CRINI has set itself the goal, through numerous publications and conferences, of elucidating national cultural specificities/identities and their interferences/interactions. It benefits from the contribution of a large network of foreign researchers regularly associated with its activities.